Partner and More is providing Assessment’s service accredited by BIG5 

Big5 is a UK-based worldwide Psychometric Testing Supplier and has over 15 years of assessment experience developing in market-leading “job-fit” technology.  

“Big 5” range of pre-employment tests and assessments incorporate modern, validated behavioral assessments in an easy-to-use online platform specifically designed for the commercial business market. 

By completing the bIG5  assessment, you can get meaningful results about your career strengths, career options, and earnings potential. Maybe this will help to inspire you to consider your own career direction and choices and consider what changes you may need to make.

The final report you will receive from Partner and More within 48 working hours after TEST will be showing your candidate’s results and his ability to fit the position mentioned by your side. 


WHY Partner and More choose BIG5 ? 

  1. Comprehensive Assessment Range  
  2. Job fit Benchmarks 120+ 
  3. Easy to read reports  
  4. unrestricted reporting 


What are the Benefits of Assessing for Cognitive Ability? 

· Frequently cited as the best predictor of future job performance 

· Gain insight as to how well the candidate will be able to solve problems and process information. 

· Shorten coaching and development time by understanding how quickly someone learns and if there are methods that might work better for them as an individual. 

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