Change Management: Change and How to Deal with It



Managers traditionally have had the task of contributing to the effectiveness of their organization while maintaining high morale. Today, these roles often have to be balanced off with the reality of implementing changes imposed by senior management. Managers who have an understanding of the dynamics of change are better equipped to analyze the factors at play in their own particular circumstances, and to adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance. This one-day workshop will help you deal with change and will give you strategies to bring back to your employees.

How You Will Benefit
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
• Accept that there are no normal or abnormal ways of reacting to change
• See change as an essential element that is positive
• Recognize that adapting to change is all about attitude
• Identify the stages of change we go through as we learn to deal with change
• See change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation
• Develop strategies for dealing with and accepting changes in your organization

What You Will Cover
-The change process
-The human response to change
-The pace of change and the pace at which people adopt change
-The pyramid response to change
-Resisting and welcoming change
-The Four-Room Apartment of change and how to use it
-How to increase your resiliency to change
-Managing anger
-Dealing with stress
-An action plan for success


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