Getting Your Job Search Started



While looking for work can be an exciting time, it can also involve fear and discomfort about change and the unknown. Whether you are already in the midst of a job search or just thinking about it, this one day workshop will help you to determine what your skill set is made up of, the kind of work that is important and realistic to include in your search, and how to get started.

Today’s job market is not the same as it was even five years ago. Knowing where to go, who to talk to, and the opportunities that are available will help to shift you from someone who dreams about having a job, to someone who has the job they always wanted.

How You Will Benefit:
• Assess your skills, values, and beliefs about work and looking for opportunities.
• Develop an understanding for the types of work available to you and where to find more information.
• Recognize the differences and benefits available through career coaches, counselors, and mentors.
• Learn different approaches to job searching, such as networking and tapping into the job market.

What You Will Cover:
-Change and transitions
-Values check
-Skill and ability
-Vocation and strategy
-The job market
-Invite your network
-Ready, set, goal!
-Keeping it real
-Thinking unconventionally to get what you want
-Getting things moving


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