Manage Budgets and Financial Plans



For managers in today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of finance. We all play a role in our organization’s financial health, whether we realize it or not. If you don’t have training or a background in finances, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table. Understanding the cycle of finance will help you figure out where you fit into your company’s financial structure, and how to keep your department out of the red. This workshop will familiarize you with the key concepts of finance and accounting and help you prepare budgets with more confidence.

How You Will Benefit:
• You will understand basic financial terminology
• You will enhance your decision-making skills by integrating financial management concepts into your thinking
• You will be able to better control the flow of money through your department
• You will understand the budgeting process and forecasting techniques

What You Will Cover:
What is finance?
Getting to know the players of a company
Record keeping terminology
Balance sheets
Liabilities and equity
Profit and Loss statements
Credits vs. debits
Tracking business expenses
Analysing financial statements
Defining and preparing budgets


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