Current Project Management Techniques to Increase Effectiveness



Have you ever had to take on one of the following tasks?
• Planning a party
• Building a shed
• Preparing an annual report
• Developing a new product

These could all be projects! Managing projects successfully is a key skill for success. This one-day course will teach you how to manage each phase of a project: conceptual, planning, execution, and termination.

How You Will Benefit:
• Understand project management basics
• Be familiar with the conceptual phase
• Understand the planning phase
• Execute and terminate a project

What You Will Cover:
Understanding projects/project management
A project’s life cycle
The key players
Deciding on a project
Basic project information
Creating a vision and setting goals
Using a target chart and statement of work
The project planning worksheet
Identifying tasks and resources
Identifying risks and constraints
Preparing a schedule
Creating a Gantt chart
Controlling changes
Tracking tools, including status meetings


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