Manage Quality Customer Service



When you think of a customer, what comes to mind? You probably thought of someone visiting a store, ordering online, or phoning in an order. Did you think of a company employee who puts a request forward to IT, or a sales manager who would like to review the upcoming marketing ideas?

Although there are many types of customers, they all have the same desire to receive prompt, helpful, and friendly service. This course will explore core aspects of customer service and how you can do your best for the people you serve throughout the day.

How You Will Benefit:
• You will uncover the true definition of customer service
• You will understand that internal and external customers desire the same thing
• You will see that good customer service helps you as well as the customer
• You will learn the benefits of timeliness, quality, consistency, and first impressions
• You will be able to determine customer needs by effectively understanding customer requirements
• You will learn how to use customer scenarios
• You will be able to effectively use problem solving techniques

What You Will Cover:
What is customer service?
Critical elements of customer service
The different types of customers
Meeting customer expectations
Requirement driven product selection
Problem-solving processes
Elimination of customer service problems
Service PRIDE


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