Secrets of Change Management: A One Day Primer



In today’s world, change is inevitable and often difficult to deal with.
During this one-day course, you will learn how to implement, manage, and cope with change.

How You Will Benefit:
• Find different ways of looking at change
• Create a change implementation strategy
• Make change easier for yourself and others
• Develop techniques to cope with change, including resiliency and stress management
• Know how to maintain a sense of control during a change

What You Will Cover:
-What is change?
-The Bridges change model
-The Conner change model
-The Janssen change model
-Six reactions to change
-Identifying the need for change
-Identifying the cost and benefit
-Setting the vision and goal
-Responding to change
-Creating and implementing a strategy
-Planning for change
-Communication skills
-Empowering employees
-Building resiliency
-Acknowledging reactions
-Dealing with emotions
-Managing negative stress
-Exploring your options
-Examining the reality
-Your behavior is your choice


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